Survey: The Future of Cycling in London

The Future of Cycling in London

Those of you who follow Cycle Lifestyle will know that I’ve written extensively about the psychology of cyclists and non-cyclists.

I’ve tried to understand why people do and don’t cycle – the perceived benefits and drawbacks to cycling.

I’ve discussed ways to attract more people to cycling – for instance, electric bikes for people worried about fitness and sweating, and a London Cycle Map to address concerns about safety and navigation.

But most of my musings have been based on conversations and anecdotes. So, to get some more systematic evidence, I’ve joined up with an independent market research company – Actionline Research – to create a survey about cycling issues.

Much of our survey is about electric bikes, because we believe the public perception of these bikes – despite their growing popularity – isn’t currently well understood.

To help us learn more, please click on the link below and fill in the survey. It will take you under 5 minutes, and non-Londoners as well as Londoners are encouraged to take part.

We’d love to have lots of responses, so it would be great if you could distribute the link through your mailing list, add the survey to your website, or share it on social media. I'm sure many of the topics are of interest to you also, so I'd be glad to share some of the key findings in appreciation of your help.

And courtesy of the Electric Transport Shop in Camden, all participants can enter a prize draw to borrow an electric bike for a weekend. 

With thanks and best wishes,

Ben Irvine

Editor, Cycle Lifestyle 

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