Cycling to work - looking for inspiration and information?

Cycling to work is one of the best decisions you can make. Once you get out there on two wheels you’ll find that all the benefits of cycling will come your way – fresh air, fitness, happiness, freedom, reliability, money saved, and even sunshine.

Sadly, many people are put off because they think cycling is a ‘hassle’. Doesn’t cycling make you sweaty and tired? What if you get a puncture? How do you plan a route? What are you supposed to wear?

Cycling to Work: A Beginners Guide by Rory McMullan answers all these questions and more, in an accessible, friendly and fun style.

Published by Green Books and priced at a very reasonable £4.95, the book is great value – an investment worth really making if you’re thinking of starting cycling but worried about the details.

You’ll soon be reassured that there’s no hassle involved in cycling – quite the opposite. It is one of the simplest sources of pleasure and convenience you’re ever likely to find.

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