Back from the hack - new website

Due to the activities of some hackers (that's the polite, non-technical term for them), the old website had to be deleted and completely rebuilt.

You might have noticed a ton of spam comments on the old site - all part of the fatally compromised security caused by the hack. You might also have noticed that I haven't posted here for a while - things got so bad that I couldn't update the site or even delete the spam comments.

Well, the good news is it looks like we're up and running again on a shiny new platform, in large measure thanks to the help of my talented friend Jack Carr.

It'll take a while for me to fix all the internal links. And the blog is currently in a state of semi-chaos, with loads of repeated entries and random content from yesteryear that has been carried over from the old site - plus the old comments need to be put back in. It should all be fixed in the next few days. Until then, please bear with us.

The really good news is we've fixed the site just in the nick of time. Cycle Lifestyle issue 9 is publishing this week. Watch this space.

Finally, here's a topical song which reflects my relieved mood : )

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